2x Hydroponics 4″ Inch 100mm x 1m Fan Silencer Acoustic Noise Reducer Ducting

2x Hydroponics 4

2x Hydroponic Acoustic Fan Silencer Fox Silencers 100mm / 4″ Inch x 1m Long (other sizes available please check our other items for sale) Double Wall Thickness – 50mm Insulation Silencers are applied for noise absorption during the operation of the fan. The silencer is attached to the fan to reduce the noise level in the air duct. The Fox Silencer is made of micro-perforated aluminium foil and laminated with polyether film. Reinforced steel wire and outer polyethylene sleeve makes the fox silencer more durable Please see our shop for more hydroponic / ventilation products! Free 1st Class Delivery!

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SIMALA Premium Furniture Pads – 2 x Heavy Duty Adhesive Self Stick Felt Strip Roll (1/2″x 60″) Protectors for Hard Surfaces & 64 Non Slip Noise Dampening Bumper Pads Rubber. Save your Surfaces from Scratches

SIMALA Premium Furniture Pads - 2 x Heavy Duty Adhesive Self Stick Felt Strip Roll (1/2
  • SIMALA pads protect hardwood, laminate, tilled flooring, counter tops, & table tops from marring
  • CUT TO SIZE for table & chair legs, chests, cabinets, lamps, Electrical items, figurines, vases
  • PREMIUM PROTECTION – At 0.197″ (5mm) thick our felt pads are the thickest pads on the market
  • HEAVY DUTY ADHESIVE – Extra strength pads ensure they are long lasting & remain firmly stuck on
  • COMPLIMENTARY clear rubber pads keep objects in place, soften closing & noise of cabinets & drawers

No more frustrating and annoying scratches on your lovely wood or laminated flooring and furniture in your home or office.

These premium furniture pads also protect your tilled floor and counter tops from scratches and scuffs. Moving furniture around is made simple as it will slide easily and glide quietly. No need to waste time with glue or nails, these sticky pads are easy to apply simply peel off the backing and apply to furniture. The strong adhesive will provide a heavy duty bond once cured.

Can be applied to sofa feet, dining table & desk legs, bed feet, dining and office chair legs. Unlike cheaper furniture felt pad alternatives which are usually 0.118 inch (3mm) thick, these 0.197 inch (5mm) thick pads provide a thicker protective barrier between furniture and surface.

The complementary 0.118 inch (3mm) transparent hemispherical bumpers will provide excellent protection for all surfaces from harsh sounds, scratches and scuffs and can be applied to kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, wardrobes drawers and picture frames. They also prevent appliances and chopping boards from slipping

Beige 5mm Felt pad quantity and sizes:

Two 60″ x 1/2″ rolls which can be cut to desired length with scissors

64 hemispherical 1/6 inch thick x 3/8 inch diameter (3mm x 10mm)

You will easily find many applications for these long lasting furniture pads and bumpers. Keep them handy at all times! SCROLL UP AND ADD TO CART NOW.

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4″ Inline Fan Noise Muffler Air Duct Silencer


Features: Two 4″ flanged ends. Portable and light weight. Safe and effective operation. Easy to install and maintenance free. Highquality corrosion resistant galvanized sheet construction. Wave crest polyurethane sponge can offer excellent sound and vibration absorption. This highperformance sound absorbing foam lining can reduce 50% noise! If the noise of your fan/blower is 50db, our muffler can reduce it to 25db. Moisture resistant great for use in damp environment. Extended collar and lip for easy duct hookup. Air tight sealing tape pasted on the muffler Specification: Flange 4″ Fit for Fans/Blowers 4″ Flange Surface Material Durable Galvanized Sheet Sound Absorbing Foam Wave Crest Polyurethane Sponge Fusion Point of Foam 250 degree centigrade The Influence to Hearing of Different Decibel: Decibel Sense of Hearing 020db Very quiet, hardly feel 2040db Quiet, like soft voice 4060db General, like common talk indoor 6070db Noisy, bad for nerve 7090db Very noisy, nerve cells

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