Pen Type EC Hydroponics Nutrient Tester

Pen Type EC Hydroponics Nutrient Tester
  • Measuring range: 0~19.99ms/cm
  • Resolution: EC: 0.01 EC ; CF: 0.1 CF ; TDS: 10 ppm
  • Accuracy: ±2%F.S
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation:0 ~ 50°C (32 ~ 122°F)
  • Environment: Humidity: 95°C

Pen Type Electrical conductivity (EC) Meter.
Equipped with electrode for extreme durability, excellent conductivity & accuracy with Automatic Temperature Compensation.
It can be used in many applications such as in Aquarium, swimming pool, Spa, Nutrient, Hydroponics and laboratory and many more.
With CE Approval and ideal for the most demanding of users.

With Automatic Temperature Compensation
Equipped with Electrode for extreme durability, excellent conductivity & accuracy
Easy to use and provides a quick measurement
High accuracy of ±2% full scale
With CE Approval and ideal for the most demanding of users
Wide range of applications in water quality testing
Compact and light weight for mobility
With accurate and clear display for ease of use
Easy push power button and calibration with the mini-screw driver
Comes supplied with mini-screw driver and instruction manual to best utilize EC-1383

Measuring range: 0~19.99ms/cm
Resolution: 0.01ms/cm
Accuracy: ±2%F.S
Display: 4-digital LCD
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0-50°C
Environment: Humidity: 95°C
Power Supply: 2×3V(CR2032 Battery)
Dimensions: 150mm×27mm×20mm
Weight: 46g
Calibration Solutions: mS/cm:12.88 ~ 13.0 mS/cm
Probes: Electrodes

Set Includes:
1 x Digital EC Conductivity Meter
2 x CR-2032 (3V) Button Battery included

1 x Plastic Case
1 x Trimmer (screwdriver)
1 x User Manual

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forestfox Indoor Grow Light Garden Plant Propagator Hydroponics Kit All Year Herb Growth

forestfox Indoor Grow Light Garden Plant Propagator Hydroponics Kit All Year Herb Growth
  • Waterproof Plastic Construction.
  • Indoor Grow Bed
  • Black
  • 1 Full Kit
  • 62cm Length x 40cm Width x 47cm Height

Forestfox is a registered trademark

Grow Light Garden.

To get your seedlings off to an early start or grow your favourite

plants all year round, a grow light garden is essential for the keen


Housed within the canopy are 2 x 60cm high efficiency 24 w fluorescent

bulbs lasting up to 10000 hours providing full spectrum lighting (6400

Kelvins each), which use less electricity than the standard household

light bulb.

The electronic ballasts eliminate any annoying buzzing and ensure a “no

flicker” on start up.

The unit is in an attractive black finish complete with a fully

adjustable canopy set on aluminium uprights giving a maximum clearance

height of 38cm from the bottom of the base tray.

Complete with 4 growing trays which feature 2 tier drainage cells which

can be used repeatedly.

Perfect for year round use on a kitchen

worktop or side table.

Grow crops such as salad leaves, herbs and even tomatoes and chilies all

year round.

Can be used in the kitchen on a worktop or table and is quick and easy

to assemble.

It is a 48 watt unit and has two 60cm, 24w fluorescent bulbs inside the

canopy to provide bright, energy efficient, light.

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2x Hydroponics 4″ Inch 100mm x 1m Fan Silencer Acoustic Noise Reducer Ducting

2x Hydroponics 4

2x Hydroponic Acoustic Fan Silencer Fox Silencers 100mm / 4″ Inch x 1m Long (other sizes available please check our other items for sale) Double Wall Thickness – 50mm Insulation Silencers are applied for noise absorption during the operation of the fan. The silencer is attached to the fan to reduce the noise level in the air duct. The Fox Silencer is made of micro-perforated aluminium foil and laminated with polyether film. Reinforced steel wire and outer polyethylene sleeve makes the fox silencer more durable Please see our shop for more hydroponic / ventilation products! Free 1st Class Delivery!

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