Stabila STB80K80 Box Section Levels

Stabila STB80K80 Box Section Levels
  • 80K-80 Capped Builders Spirit Level 18054 80cm

Stabila 80K-80 Capped Builders Level 18054 80cm STB80K80

Stabila Levels are made in Germany and feature a 10 year guarantee on vial accuracy. The vial is set into the level profile by a patented permanent bond and will remain stable through heavy-duty use.
The 80K Level features upper face protection, designed to withstand a strike from the handle of a trowel, when used to level bricks or paving slabs during the laying process.
Made with a thick aluminium box section with extra ribs for strength, the level is easy to handle and capable of withstanding heavy-duty use.

A 6 ring vial allows the user to determine 1% or 2% of fall, ideal for plumbing or paving, ensuring that there is drainage away from the house. Perfect for landscapers, tilers and bricklayers.


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