Quick Coupling with Pressure Regulator & Connector 1/8″ (9,51 mm)

Quick Coupling with Pressure Regulator & Connector 1/8
  • AIRBRUSH Schnellkupplung Druckregler und Stecker 1/8″ 9.51mm

To this quick coupling you can add every airbrush gun with 1/8″ connection from our range of products, so that you can also work fast and comfortably if you change the airbrush gun. A 1/8″ internal thread must be placed at the hose connection. This quick coupling facilitates
an easy and fast connection to the airbrush gun! You can easily switch between different airbrush guns.You only need to pull down the middle part of the coupling in order to release the quick lock and the gun is out. In doing so the annoying unscrewing of the hose is canceled. Furthermore you can adjust the pressure with the small wheel without changing the pressure at the compressor. By rotating the the valve screw you change the air flow by means of valve. Consequently you can regulate a constant pressure. Suitable for: all airbrush guns, compressors and air hoses with a G 1/8″ thread. The airbrush quick coupling matches all 1/8″ connections!

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