Martindale CP501 Socket Tester

Martindale CP501 Socket Tester
  • Quick and easy testing of socket wiring with the check plug
  • Detects 28 fault conditions
  • Three bright LEDs with clear and simple fault codes on the plug
  • Tough sculpted design for easy removal

Wiring faults are indicated by one or more of the LEDs failing to illuminate, with the pattern of lit LEDs indicating the type of fault detected. This is a failsafe system that means that any LED not lit indicates a fault.

The improved housing design of this socket tester is virtually indestructible, housed in a flame retardant ABS case. The plug induces less than 5mA of earth leakage, well below RCD trip thresholds.

The classic check plug can be purchased individually, or as a pack of 10.

Note: Like all other standard socket testers, the Martindale CP501 will not detect common earth and neutral or earth neutral reversal

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