DROK® 0.36″ Digital Voltmeter 5 Digit DC 0-33.000V 12V 24V High Accuracy Auto Car Battery Voltage Tester Volt Gauge Panel Meter, Red LED Display, 3 Wires

DROK® 0.36
  • Small size (48x29x21mm), easy to carry out and install.
  • High precision: the measurement range of 0-33.000V over the traditional 0-20.000V header.
  • With reverse connection protection to avoid burning out.
  • Red wire: Power Supply+; Yellow wire: Measure Voltage+; Black wire: Power Supply-, Measure Voltage-.
  • NOTE: The voltmeter needs isolated power supply and the range of power supply is DC 3.5-30V.

Dimensions: 48mm x 29mm x 21mm 
Measure voltage: DC 0-30.000V 
Power Supply: DC 5-30V 
Input Polarity: DC voltage 
Refresh rate: 5 times per second 
Measurement precision: +/- (0.3 ‰ + 2 digit) 
Display: five 0.36″ digital LED Tube 
Display Color: Red 
Operating temperature: -10°c to 65°c 
Temperature coefficient: less than 25PPM /°c 

The voltmeter needs isolated power supply. Power supply range is DC 3.5-30 V. 
when black wire and red wire are switched to with the power supply, the voltmeter will display 0.000 (when the measuring line is dangling ,the voltmeter will display one or two base). 
Yellow wire and black wire will be switched to the measurement circuit. The measured voltage range is DC 0-33.000 V. 

Red: Power Supply +(DC 5-30V) 
Black: Power Supply -, Measure – 
Green: Measure + 

Package Includes: 
1x Digital LED Voltmeter

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