casa pura® 22 x Royal WPC Interlocking Decking Tiles, 60x30cm (4 m²) | Water Resistant, Non-Fading | Dark Brown

casa pura® 22 x Royal WPC Interlocking Decking Tiles, 60x30cm (4 m²) | Water Resistant, Non-Fading | Dark Brown
  • Made from wood plastic composite, an environmentally friendly material which lasts longer than natural wood, with no maintenance required.
  • Superior water resistance compared to natural wood, resistant to swelling or decay. Splinter free, slip resistant and higher performance during harsh weather.
  • 100% waterproof and UV resistant for use outdoors, also suitable for indoor use – odour free, unlike natural wood
  • No fixings or tools required, easy interlocking click system for simple and quick installation, even for large areas. Simply click into place and admire your new decking for years to come
  • Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes – 30x30cm in packs of 22 or 44 or 60x30cm in packs of 11 or 22. All colours and sizes can be combined for a unique look.

casa pura® Royal WPC Interlocking Decking Tiles

Why spend precious time and energy every year laboriously staining, sealing or painting your traditional wood decking before it can be truly enjoyed?

Many people feel that a hardwood decking is the right choice in terms of quality and strength, however WPC is a material which is specifically designed to be as strong, if not stronger, yet without all the maintenance of solid wood. Combining recycled plastic particles and up to 70% wood particles, an extra strong, moisture and rot resistant version of wood is formed.

Specifically designed to weather the storm, a WPC decking will last all year round, providing optimum water resistance with minimal swelling and withstanding both blistering hot summers and harsh winters.

– Splinter free
– Slip resistant
– Free from insects and termites

Durable and low maintenance
– Low moisture for decay resistance
– Same strength as wood
– Little or no expansion
– UV resistant to prevent fading
– No need to stain or seal, yet this is an option if you wish

– WPC is made from recycled plastic and wood particles, both of which are by-products of other industrial processes. Therefore using up “waste” products, as opposed to natural wood resources.


– Material: WPC, plastic interlocking backing
– Weight: 44kg per pack
– Number of tiles: 22
– Tile size: 60x30cm
– Space covered: 4 m²
– Thickness: 2.2cm
– Also suitable for use indoors e.g. in showers, saunas, or standard flooring
– Suitable for use on grass
– Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes. All colours and sizes can be combined to create a unique look.

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