Bore 40 mm for Cordless Screwdriver

Bore 40 mm for Cordless Screwdriver
  • With Erdlochbohrer, lawn, ventilation, drainage, drill, screwdriver, coils, 4 cm, galvanised, drill bit
  • Good to use for lawn ventilation, many holes one drilling
  • Quick drilling up to 12 x faster than a hand with cross handle
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in Germany – Fits in a DN 50 tube. For use with pipe cleaning

Erdborer 4 cm Cordless drill battery for – Fully galvanised 1000 mm long – 40 mm Bore Diameter – Strength of filament – 2 mm – Distance between the Wendeln 40 mm (Pitch) – Length The Hole coil ca – 250 mm – No Horizontal Blade. – Diameter of Primary tube Solid material – 10 mm – Socket made from solid material round 10 mm Cordless Drill Battery for or slow spinning drill machines – Round drill point for easy positioning – for setting fence posts – for paddocks and garden – Drilling of base holes – Available as plant hole drill for e.g. spring flowering bulbs depending on the model – for lawn underarm ventilation; Drain surfaces – Weight approx. 1 kg, resharpenable with the drill bits 40 mm for the Cordless Screwdriver you can save time and nerves when drilling small holes. The turning movements done the screwdrivers or the drill. 12 x faster drilling than with one drill with cross handle, easy to operate while standing

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